Saturday, 22 November 2014

Saturday 22nd November 2014 - A Quick Report of the Day!

Well that was  a good day! There were 14 of us on site, including Jo, who put his battle weary  camera to good effect, as you will see!

John S on chainsaw duty and Dave B in the distance....
The fencing down the eastern boundary continued, albeit hampered by small tree growing around one of the  original GWR  boundary markers. The tree took a bit of extricating -the chainsaw was needed to complete the job.

JS Rear view....

The chainsaw was also needed to continue the eastern bank clearance. Needless to say the compulsory bonfire was lit to good effect!

Keith and Steve  take a well earned rest....

Bricklaying was continuing at a pace on Platform 2C.

Tony working on the corbelling...

Clive on the northern end of the wall......

All was quiet on the Signal Box today. Here John S and I take stock of what is require next:-

As you can see the front trimmer is in place and the short joists  ready to be fixed and levelled. This will be finished on Wednesday, together with some more brick laying, weather permitting.

Robin and Andrew continued with the brick cleaning.  Julie came along to help Doreen in the Shed. Marguerite had taken a fall at home and was feeling too bruised to come in today - get well Marguerite and we hope to see you next week.

Mist Rising from the Signal Box

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wednesday 19th November 2014 - What a Productive Day!

There were 20 Volunteers on site today - there were plenty of jobs on the to-do list, some made more difficult than others by materials and brickwork being pretty  much soaked. Nevertheless the troops were undaunted! Importantly Jo was back in action, both with his camera and his sunny disposition - great!

To my great joy, bricklaying restarted on the rear wall of the Signal Box. Here are Bob W, Tony and Paul in action - they were joined after lunch by JC who had been AWOL with me at a meeting at Toddington.

The brick laying itself was a bit of a nightmare because of the dampness of everything. It took great cunning an guile to keep the show on the road - even temporarily storing some bricks in the mess hut to dry them out more quickly! In the end at least 3 courses were laid right across the rear wall. Very satisfactory!

Equally tricky was the bricklaying on Platform 2C, although the shelter keeps some of the moisture off. Here is Roger B report:-

Hi Bill

Platform 2c moved on a pace today, Clive and Peter H laid 300 Bricks.
I managed to set out the first 10 Meters of Corbelling and laid 50 bricks.

Rod, Terry and Steve, moved 3 Dumper Loads of Bricks, to Platform 2c to update diminished stocks, and then laid backfill at the end of Platform 2c and also by the Broadway Sales shed to improve access.

The same team with the addition of Mike, set about laying the Drainage pipe. and Lamppost electrical services pipe on Platform 1c.

The team then made and installed Platform 1C Lamppost and Running in Board shutters.

Overall a good team performance.



On the Driveway the eastern boundary fence continues to make its way southwards. Here the foreman Vic (left) and his apprentice , Gord start the next panel.

Back on site the potential for lots of wet weather coming up means we have to keep things pretty much under wraps. Here Peter Q and Dave H are making a template out of ply wood to produce an accurate curvature of the corrugated roof on the Footbridge. All good stuff!

Even the Shed made good profits today, Julie and Doreen were heading for a record for winter takings.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Saturday 15th November 2014

There were 18 of us on site today, soon to be 16 when Jo had a mishap with his trigger finger and had to be taken to Evesham A& E. He has since  assured me he is ok and doesn't want any fuss!

Back on site  a bricklaying party were  continuing with Platform 2C. Tony and Roger B were working the southern end, and managed to get  as far as the first course of corbelling.

Clive and Roger J continued with the centre section. In total 400  red backing bricks were laid and 160 blues. That's a pretty impressive total!

Farther north a gang of fire starters continued with the clearance of the eastern bank (I have been told that it's not an embankment in a cutting they're pedantic in Canada you know!) All I know is working at 45 degrees all day plays havoc with your knees and you certainly know you've done a days work at the end of it!

The brick cleaning continued with renewed vigour  with the extra supply of reds from Winchcombe. Roger H and Robin smile sweetly when asked. Half of the bricks cleaned are now in 2C!

Down on the eastern Boundary Vic started the green palisade fencing, at the northern end. Four panels were completed. I have to say I got absorbed in helping and instantly stopped taking photos! More on Wednesday.

One triumph  of the day was on the Signal Box, where John S mange to get the bracing bars connected  between the lever frame the rear trimmer. Again more pictures on Wednesday. I hope our proper photographer is back then!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

New Blog Header

The new Blog Header is now based on Fred Lea's wonderful illustration of Broadway Station.  Construction will start  on the Station and Waiting Room in the Spring of 2015. If we are to see trains operating at Broadway in 2018, we need all the financial help that you, our generous supporters can give us. There are a variety of ways that you can make donations - please visit the GWSR Website  at :-

12th November 2014 - A Small Part of Paddington Comes to Broadway

A month or so ago a regular blog viewer became aware of Crossrail activity at Paddington which he thought might benefit us at Broadway. Having made the initial enquiries and established contact with a named individual, he passed the details to me. My subsequent enquiries confirmed that a large number of bricks were going to be excavated out of an old GWR turntable pit.

Because of the distance away from Broadway, Bag Volunteer Jim Hitchen went along to have a look at what potential there might be for a hit squad going in to recover some of the  treasure. Unfortunately the bricks were held together by some strong mortar and the likelihood of recovering a good number in a day would be small. Nevertheless I did persuade Costains that we would benefit if one of the load of bricks could be diverted to Broadway for our use.

 Costains, who had been so helpful in directing the Mythe spoil to us, free of charge, generously agreed. A lorry load arrived yesterday and we will see how many good bricks it produces.

 I would like to  thank Costains for the trouble they took in  in accommodating our request and to Matthew Brinklow in particular who dealt with us in a friendly and professional way.  

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wednesday 12th November 2014

The day started with many of the 20 volunteers getting a soaking, and I wondered whether any of the promised sunshine was going to show itself. However by 10:00 the rain stopped and things looked a   lot brighter. I think this lifted spirits as well, and everyone set too with a will on a variety of jobs.

We promised ourselves a good session on the Signal Box with JC and Bob W in attendance with their regular helpers. However the brickwork and bricks had taken a terrible soaking and it was decided to fit the second trimmer whilst waiting for things to dry out. After a bit of extra "trimming" the trimmer is seen here fixed between the front wall and the lever frame.

Some bricklaying was possible and in particular the hearth for the fire place was completed,

Moving right up to the northern end of the site the boundary fence was completed by Dave B and Vic. Dave  pointed out that the last 2ft of infill was as tricky as the rest of the job put together! Isn't it always  the way. A great job resulted from all the hard work and the attention to detail in the planning stage.

Moving southwards, here are the 2  footbridge towers resting in the sunshine, the tops, which are going to be reused, covered from the elements.

On the opposite side of the cutting Brian M was doing a remarkable job at felling the trees and saplings that populate the eastern embankment. This allows the loppers and choppers to come in on Saturday and get the bonfire going! Look at that blue sky.

Moving southwards some more, a gang were starting to work on the infilling of 1C. This required rubble to be brought up from the car park and carefully laid in a single layer.

 Here a motley crew bring the bricks in from the car park - having hand loaded the dumper. eventually 5 loads were brought up and expertly laid.

Here Mike S drew the short straw to sort it out - hard hat temporarily removed to scratch his head as to where the next load was going!

In the afternoon Terry and Gord (looking something like the Bobbsey Twins)  start the laying of the ducting to the last lamppost, together with the  water and power services to the north.

On the other side of the track bed Clive and Peter H laid 2 course of bricks over a 10m stretch. I am so pleased with the way this wall is coming along.

Where to next?
 We were offered some reclaimed  red bricks by the Carriage and Wagon Department.  We rarely look a gift horse in the mouth and Jo rode shot gun with Richard on the Fairview lorry to go and collect them. I have to say there were more than I anticipated, and time only allowed 5 pallets to be brought back There will be some more for another trip in a week or so, Thanks to Richard  J and Peter B at Carriage and Wagon  for sorting these out for us. They ended up adjacent to our brick cleaning benches - they will be in the wall before you know it!

Last but not least Julie was doing a good trade in the Shed. Please come along and support us, by  seeing the site, having a chat,and spending your money!

A friendly robin  came into the mess room and cleaned up the crumbs and thereby gave Jo a photo opportunity.
Sorry if  I have missed any action  - my time seem to disappear in a twinkle of an eye this morning.