Monday, 21 July 2014

The Bracket Signal Post Arrives!

Platform 2  now boasts not only a Signal Box but a signal as well (well almost!)

 Vic Haines Transport brought the freshly prepared signal post, including bracket and dollys over to Broadway and used their HIAB skills to assist in mounting it in its final position. Malcolm Walker and Neil Carr supervised the operation, with BAG Members Dave Bowie, Vic Smith and Peter Quick in attendance.

I know what the next question is when is it going to be dressed out in all its finery. All I can say is "it won't be long"

What I would like to do is to thank all the sponsors who have patiently waited for its arrival and to thank  the BAG members who turned up today to help out, both on the tree exercise and the bracket post erection. The photos are a nosegay of the pics taken by Dave, Vic and Jo and are much appreciated also.

Monday 21st July 2014 - Tree Surgery

For some time we have realised that the Corsican Pines  to the right of the Driveway were not going survive unless we sorted them out with some careful tree surgery . We took advice from  a professional arborist and based on  his  recommendations we requested the TPO's on 6 trees be lifted.  This was granted by the Tree Protection Officer at Wychavon DC.

 Today was the day for implementing the recommendations. In summary there were 3 trees ( 2 pine and a larch) that were too close to, and taking the light from the larger trees, and 3 that were in imminent danger of falling on their own accord.
Start of Day

The Acrobatic challenges

The end results..... 

A great Job by Vale Forestry

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Sunday Special!

 I don't recall anyone working on Sunday at Broadway before, but John C has some time constraints at the moment and is keen not to slow progress on the Signal Box. He had a useful work mate in Jo, who also sent me this report and pictures:

Hi Bill,

JC and I did ‘half a day’ on the box today, although I couldn't help noticing  that John started at 07.30 (!) and, leaving at 14.00, he in fact did most of a whole day. John will email you a short report separately. On one of the pictures you can see from the colour of the mortar that 5 rows were laid recently. All round, the reds are up to joist level, with just a bit of backing up front and back left to do before they can go in.

I made a few mixes and generally backed John up. During an idle hour, I dug up a few more shards, and can report that I have most of the constituent parts to a little coffee cup. Just one more bit to go ! Shares in Superglue manufacturers are rising….

As you can see, the brickwork is now so high that it is difficult to lay another row, without moving up to the next level of scaffolding. I counted 32 rows up from the rear damp proof course. Quite an achievement.

Best regards,


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday 19th July 2014

There was a great turnout today, despite a dodgy weather forecast. There were 16 of us who signed on, and who made brave efforts to pretend it wasn't raining. However at 2.45 a real corker of  a thunderstorm unleashed itself and that was the end of play for the day!

Some valiant efforts were made on the Signal box by JC, Bob W, Paul and Tony. These resulted in two further courses going on the rear wall and the inner front slots for the joists were completed.

 JC hopes, with fair weather conditions, he can get a further two courses on the rear wall tomorrow.

At the norther end some brick laying  was achieved, mainly backing up the corbelling bricks. I'm afraid an awful lot of time was spent seeking shelter as this picture shows.

 Idle minds concoct  strange types of amusements! I forget what the kids game is akin to this - somebody will tell me, I'm sure.  These bricks are heading for the gap in the platform wall by the signal box.

When that game was over, there is always hide and seek. I'm not sure Vic has mastered this one, in that yellow water proof.

There is lots happening over the coming days - stay tuned!

Friday, 18 July 2014

A Friday Special - Signal Box

JC, Jo and Steve B spent  the morning and into the best part of afternoon, laying bricks on the south gable end of the Signal Box.

I had some pics and a report from Jo, and also a report from JC (cheers John). Jo's report I think covers all the action.

JC, Steve B and myself worked on the signal box today. It quickly became hot and humid! The mortar had to be whetted down all the time, it dried so quickly.

John managed to put 5 rows of reds on the southern gable end, and backed them up in commons on the inside.

I attach a picture which shows the inside, as requested in a comment on the blog. Weather permitting, John is back tomorrow and Sunday a.m., when he will be building up the rear wall to joist level.

Talking of the joists, John brought a saw bench with circular saw and support, and this allowed Steve and myself to saw the joists to the correct length. They are ready to go in – not long now!

This being the hottest day of the year so far, we called it a day when the gable end was finished, pointed and rubbed down. We sat gasping in the shade of the cabin with a final cup of tea.

See you tomorrow,
Best regards,

Don't Breathe!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wednesday 16th July 2014 - Footbridge Renovation at Wishaw

Jim H has been away for   a few weeks  R & R but is now back to continue with the footbridge renovation at Wishaw. Here is Jim's report:-


Having been away from Wishaw for several weeks it was good to get back there today and meet up with Roger J, Ray, Peter Q and Ian.  The weather remained fine but it was surprisingly breezy when working in the outer yard on the main span. There had also been a proliferation of 08 shunters taking place in recent weeks!!
 Shunter 08441 being pulled out of the workshop for a power wash
Fortunately the tarpaulins covering the staircase sections were still in place and were doing a good job protecting the woodwork beneath.  Roger managed to bail at least 100 gallons of rainwater off the top of the sheets in anticipation of needing to do the same again next week, if the anticipated showers arrive at the end of the week.
 Ian and Ray remove the last of the high level brackets
Peter Q concentrated initially on recovering the handrail brackets form the staircase sections.  The rusted in screws were a real challenge but he persevered and won through in the end.
 Installing the last tarpaulin on the main span
 Ray and I spent some time attempting to nut split some of the old and well rusted bolts securing the treads on the spare staircase.  Not easy when these are about a foot above your head.  In the end we gave up on this activity and Roger powered up the new generator and disc cutter with more success.
  Lifting the protective plywood flooring
 Later in the day we all worked on the main span in the outer windswept yard.  The last few high level brackets were removed, ropes were run along the roof supports and then tarpaulins installed and tied down.  Finally the plywood and non slip surface covering the walkway timbers were removed.  Hopefully on our next visit these can be removed and we will then be able to see the full extent of the rust on the main support beams.
Close of play with only the main floorboards left to remove

 Jim H.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday 16th July 2014

 Well that was a great day! There were 20 volunteers on site, with several more visiting on specific missions. Its hard to describe the buzz that there is on site now, with the bridge repairs going on and the determined efforts of the volunteers to keep things moving along.

The finishing line is in sight for platform 1C. 20 m of  the level 3 corbelling was completed and 2/3 of the backing bricks. This was achieved by a well organized team, sticking at it all day.

One of the trickier parts is laying the wedge shaped bricks at the top of the ramp wall. It took the skill and patience of an experienced eye in Bob J to carry out this work. There is probably 2 days work left on the ramp, before corbelling can start.

What was a remarkable achievement, was finding the 30 coping slabs that are required to complete the 1C job hidden away on site!

 Richard came along with the Fairview lorry and gradually Roger and Terry sorted out the 30 usable slabs. These were stacked at the end of 1C ready for capping off the finished wall.

The other main task of the day was to continue to shift  bricks of the right size and colour along to the southern end of the site, ready to fill the platform gap across the front of the Signal Box.

 I'm not sure how many  loads were taken down by Jo on the dumper, but for each one Dave, Brian and Ian had to trudge the length of the site to unload the bricks at the other end!

Other tasks today? Vic drew the short straw to get the weed control spray  gun going and and keep the platform surfaces free.

Also the return trip of the dumper brought many bags of green rubbish up to a bonfire at the northern end. The size of the bonfire pile had been gradually increasing over the weeks and the dry weather made it ideal for setting alight.

Lastly for now,  Marguerite's Shed has been a bit quiet with all the bridge work going on. There is absolute free access up the drive so please don't let the noise and activity put you off from visiting. Margurite and Doreen are there on Saturdays, and Julie and Doreen there on Wednesdays. Please note that the Broadway Area Group have to find a least one third of the funds  required to keep the Station Project going. The hard working volunteers are doing their best - please help  our fund raising in whatever way you can.